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Although the casserole is a food container shaped by cooking in clay soil, it is used today as a food name. Lamb meat is the first thing that comes to mind from the dishes prepared in casserole dishes. Red meat, known as iron and vitamin stores, is very rich in protein. For this reason, it finds itself in both diet and athlete lists. It is recommended to be consumed once a week, as it supports muscle development. If your ingredients are ready, we can start the classic stew recipe with cooking tips and tricks.

First, wash all the ingredients and leave them aside.
Then roast the onions and meat you chop in half a month in olive oil. Add salt and pepper and remove from the stove.
Share the roasted onion meat with the oil on the bottom of the casseroles. Peel the garlic and cut it in half.
Clean the green peppers and chop them into large pieces. Peel the tomatoes and cut them into large pieces. Peel the potato and chop it into large pieces.
Put these ingredients in a deep and wide bowl and mix them. Add the remaining salt, pepper, thyme, peppermint and tomato paste in the water and mix again.
Spread this mixture over the meat. Cover the stew with a lid or aluminum foil. Bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for at least 2 hours. Enjoy your meal in advance.
Classic Casserole Service Recommendations

You can grate cheddar cheese on it to give it a different taste. So you can get a lighter taste.
Next to the stew as greenery; You can add mint, parsley, dill and radish slices.
You can sprinkle the spices you use on the casserole to give flavor.
If you want to serve with bread, you can choose nail pita.
You can complete your main meal and color your tables by serving warmly with the classical stew rice pilaf.
What are the Tricks of the Classic Casserole?

Summer eggplant should be used when making classic casseroles. Ripe eggplants always give better flavor.
In order for the casserole to be flavored, you can add pieces of tail oil or butter on it.
Pay attention to the size used in the casserole. Meat and vegetables should be placed equally.
If you rest your meat the night before making a stew, it will have a softer texture.
1 Portion Classic Casserole How Many Calories?

One serving of casserole prepared with lamb meat is about 270 calories. The calorie value may vary depending on the materials used.
The shrimp casserole recipe, which has an average of 250 calories, is also one of the most beloved casserole types. It is a recipe that can be prepared in a short time with its practicality, especially for those who love seafood.

What are the hot pot recipe tricks?
After you chop the eggplants, put them in salt water and wait for 20 minutes, it will get the pain. After waiting, you should rinse and dry beautifully.
If you are going to use your casserole for the first time, you should do what needs to be done with casserole in the first use and then cook your food.
What goes with the stew dish?
You can make rice pilaf next to the stew.
you can choose to make pilaf.
You can make a dish with your stew meal.
You can make a nice salad with highland soup and cheer your menu.

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